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Reaching Your Potential

Showing up to the world as the best version of yourself starts with a confident mind and strong body. My mission is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program unique to your situation, and guide you through the struggle on your way to progress and achievement. If you commit your fitness journey to me, I guarantee you will see rapid results as you develop physical strength and mental resilience.

Whether you want to shed fat, build muscle, increase athletic performance, or improve your freedom of movement and overall health, my holistic training philosophy has you covered. I will take you through fun and engaging resistance, flexibility, cardiovascular, balance, and core exercises combined with techniques designed to positively shift your mindset and shed limiting beliefs.

My fully virtual training platform provides maximum flexibility for us to collaborate and communicate from almost anywhere in the world. My programs are fully customized to your unique situation. Your goals, schedule, equipment availability, movement patterns, muscle compensations, and more are all taken into account to develop a program that is optimized to you alone. If you're still unconvinced, please schedule a FREE 30 minute video consultation call today to see how we would work together.

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Spinal Stenosis, significantly (per my Orthopedist) is my painful diagnosis affecting my lower back. I am 73 years old and tried “everything” including opioids! Very little help. Last resort was injections to lower back three to four times per year with limited results. A friend referred me to Mike. I am nearly pain-free with only intermittent soreness mostly upon getting up in the morning; then one prescribed stretch and I’m BACK to myself. Within two weeks of work with Mike, I cancelled my injection appointment with my Ortho Doc!


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