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My interest in fitness and nutrition began around age six when I realized the body was essentially a meat machine, and like any machine needed proper maintenance and care to keep it running efficiently. Though my technical knowledge at the time was limited by my first-grade reading level, the message stuck with me for life. Throughout my high school cross country and track career I devoured books on training methodologies, nutrition, and mental strategies to supplement my regular practice schedule. In college, I found myself less than enamored with my biomedical engineering major and quickly ditched it for a love affair with nutritional sciences. In addition to my studies, I sated my fitness interests by playing for the club ultimate team and helping design some of our supplemental strength programs.

After graduating from UCONN in 2012 I began a fruitful, but uninspiring career in the food and beverage industry. During this time my personal interest in fitness and nutrition never wavered as I stayed abreast of the latest research and continually integrated it into my own life. My food science career ended upon obtaining my National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal training certification in 2020 and I've been training a diverse cohort of clients ever since. I can confidently say my formal training in fitness and nutrition combined with my personal experience with meditation and mindfulness techniques has prepared me to offer you the long-lasting satisfaction and fulfillment associated with physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. All that’s left for you to do is commit to the journey.

I currently reside in East Haddam, Connecticut. When not helping people achieve their goals, I can usually be found in a yoga studio or out hiking, rock climbing, or skiing. I set routes and teach a strength and balance class at City Climb gym in New Haven and hold a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Connecticut.

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