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[S3E14] She's Better Now PATCHED

As Hanna wonders how the hell her psych-patient-former-best-friend wound up in her bedroom -- "She Joey Pottered it," my mom and I decide -- MonA explains that she's scared to go back to school with "no one in [her] corner."

[S3E14] She's Better Now

Hanna activates the Liars phone chain and now the quartet knows that MonA's back: Aria thinks they should ignore her, while Spencer believes she could have more answers ... and a connection to the NAT club. Spence dares to bring up Aria's dad, but she says she's not going to start believing her former coffin buddy now, especially when she and Byron are finally getting along.

She confronts Aria, who admits she's now suspicious of her dad too and has Ezra's baby mamma Alex Mack on the brain. When they get to class, she sees that Meredith "Center Stage's" Jody (Byron's former mistress) has taken over for her American History teacher who went on maternity leave. Jody takes Aria's phone in the middle of class and confronts her after class about texting gossip about her during class.

Back at non-class and inside the bathroom, Aria, Spencer and Emily are worried people will think they put the brain in MonA's locker. Admittedly, Aria and Em feel sorry for her -- Spencer? Not so much. And just as she laments about what MonA has done to them, the teen of the moment enters and says she's determined to gain their trust. "I'm better now," she assures.

When the girls hear noises in the basement, they leave the office (with a page from Ali's journal in hand), but not before Norman, holding a large pair of sharp clippers, stops them. Suddenly, TobAy arrives to "save the day" and Spencer says she's "so lucky [he] was there." God, it's going to be sad when she finds out the truth about him.

Burke and Derek both attempt to impress the Chief with medical rarities while Mark and Addison look on. Addison will let Burke and Derek kill each other and then she can swoop in. Mark points out she's underestimating him again. She just doesn't think about him at all. Mark then interrupts the conversation to tell Richard he's going to the Clinic to show Bailey his support. Richard joins him.

Ellis is panicking. The last thing she remembers is the terrible fight she had with Meredith before she left for Europe. She apologizes for the things she said. She suspects she had a nervous breakdown, which is why she's here. She tells Meredith it's fine if she doesn't want to go to medical school. She just wants to go home now. Meredith says she went to medical school. She breaks the news to Ellis, who breaks down. Suddenly, she collapses.

Burke meets Meredith and Ellis in the ambulance bay. Ellis tells him she had chest pains and a high heart rate, which have resolved by now. As she's taken inside, Meredith informs Burke she's completely lucid. Ellis recognizes the hospital. Meredith says she's doing her residency here. Ellis asks about Richard. She's surprised to hear he's the Chief.

Burke tells Cristina about Ellis' SVT and the fact that she's lucid. It won't last. Meredith seems fine, but Ellis will need the best care. Cristina is the best. Burke then comments she's not wearing the ring. Cristina reminds him it's under advisement. She thinks he's using the bloodless surgery tomorrow to pressure her into giving him an answer. Burke says it's about giving the other interns a chance.

Cristina is doing an echo on Ellis' heart. Ellis can tell she's friends with Meredith, because Cristina is afraid to look at her, probably because she fears she could slip if Ellis were to ask her something personal about Meredith. However, Ellis figures Cristina doesn't do things accidentally. She asks if Meredith has chosen a specialty, which says a lot about the surgeon. Cristina asks what cardiothoracics would say about her. Ellis says they are the know-it-alls, the most ambitious. Ellis heard she's part of an Alzheimer's trial. She wants to talk to the doctor running it.

Cristina finds Meredith outside the ER. Meredith says she's avoiding the gift. Cristina says Ellis wants to meet Derek, the neurosurgeon. She loves Ellis. Izzie comes out of the ER with the patient she and Alex talked to earlier. She heard about Ellis. Izzie and Cristina think Meredith should talk to her. Meredith is afraid that Ellis will be disappointed in her. The patient wants to get to the clinic. Izzie admits she's stealing patients because she'll go crazy if she spent the entire fortune on a clinic for nothing. Now that she mentions crazy, she brings up George. She moves on with the patient, leaving Cristina to tell Meredith that George got married.

Ellis asks Meredith to talk about her life. She wants to know her daughter. Meredith says she has a boyfriend who's also a doctor, so he understands the demands of her career. Ellis asks about a specialty. Meredith says she's waiting to be inspired. She feels happy. She thinks having love is important. Ellis gets angry and asks what happened to the passionate, force-of-nature Meredith she used to know. She'd think her disease would be inspiration enough. Anyone can fall in love and be blindly happy, but not everyone can pick up a scalpel and save a life. She raised Meredith to be an extraordinary human being, and now she wakes up to find she's no more than ordinary.

Ellis asks Derek about a functional MRI now that she's lucid, but he says it wouldn't show anything new. No test will help them understand what's going on. She doesn't know how he can work with people with this disease all day. Derek says he's not an Alzheimer's specialist, he just took a special interest because of Meredith. Ellis then deducts he's what happened to Meredith. No wonder she's so unfocused. She's seen men like Derek before. They are threatened by women who are their equal and just want to be admired, not caring about damaging others along the way. She tells him to get out.

Olivia tells George he should look happy now that he's married, which he does not. He says he's sick. When a lab tech comes in sick, Bailey tells George that he should go home since it's clearly contagious. The lab tech says she's nauseous. Olivia identifies her as the one she gave Marina's blood to. George realizes Marina's blood is toxic. Olivia says a lot of people feel that way about Callie. He wonders if Richard has started operating and asks for the phone extension to OR 1.

Cristina tells Ellis they found she has multiple runs of tachycardia every hour, so Burke wants to do radioablation. Ellis wonders why surgery if medication can keep it under control. She then realizes it's because Alzheimer's patients aren't known for being complicit with their meds. According to Meredith, she's particularly difficult. Ellis ponders not treating it at all. Cristina says they also found coronary artery disease, which, combined with the arrhythmias, would kill her. She asks Cristina what she would do if the thing that defines her was taken away. Cristina doesn't respond. Ellis decides she doesn't want the surgery. Cristina says that decision is actually Meredith's to make.

Izzie rushes through all women's hygiene products with Kelley, who doesn't respond. Izzie understands she's mortified that her father dragged her in here. Kelley understands it. Bailey comes in to check. Izzie wants to go to the OR gallery to learn something. Bailey clears her to go. Bailey asks Kelley's father to go fill out forms at the desk so they can go. Before he leaves the room, he explains he's been in the woods with Kelley since her mother died. As soon as he's gone, Kelley asks Bailey if she could be pregnant if she had sex last week, before the period thing started. It would suck if she was pregnant because the guy's ignoring her now. Bailey is shocked.

Meredith is with Ellis, who's frustrated that she doesn't get to make her own decision. Meredith points out it's not fun to make decisions for her mother. But she does it, because Ellis has managed to alienate everybody else in her life. So Meredith has to step up and do it. Meredith then tells her that Ellis is the reason she's so unfocused and ordinary. Ellis happened to her. Ellis wants to refuse the surgery, but Meredith says no, because killing her mother is not another thing that's going to happen to her.

Ellis is experiencing another surge of SVT. Cristina performs carotid massage to reboot the heart and stop the SVT, which works. Ellis tells Cristina she's good. She'll make an extraordinary surgeon. Cristina then asks Ellis if she can have both a great career and a personal life. Ellis agrees it's none of her business. Ellis admits she didn't try hard enough to have both. Cristina thanks her.

Meredith finds Richard in the gallery. He's feeling better. He's watching Derek and Burke perform the bowel resection. You think the world stops when you do, but it just keeps on going. The next generation comes and you fear you'll be forgotten. Ellis stopped for five years and Meredith became someone. Meredith says not according to her mother. Richard says in a perfect world, Ellis would be able to tell her she's proud of her, but the world isn't perfect and neither is Ellis. Meredith thinks Ellis would like to see him. Richard says she only wants to hear from him that he regrets having stayed with Adele. He can't tell her that, because it's not true.

Bailey returns to Kelley and her father and tells them the pregnancy test and STD tests are negative. Kelley is upset that Bailey told her father. Her father reminds her to be polite. Bailey says polite doesn't seem to be getting them anywhere. She's sorry that Kelley lost her mother, but if she keeps going the way she's going, she will get an STD or pregnant or cervical cancer. She's not being smart and she is too young for people to expect her to be the level of smart required to have sex, which is why she shouldn't be having it. Kelley thought the boy liked her. Bailey comforts her, as does her father.

The episode begins with Damien surprising Jenny in her room at the VDW's, asking if they were still on for that night. Jenny suggests they go out for dinner, but he tells her that they have a lot of deliveries to make and wants to keep the drugs at her place for the day. She hesitantly agrees, and Damien goes to kiss her. Before he can, his phone rings and finds his father on the other end. He tells him that he has plans with a friend that evening, and Jenny gets offended, as she thought they were more than that. At The Empire, Nate makes toaster waffles for him and Serena, but doesn't get far before they have sex in the kitchen. After they're done, Blair begins screaming from Chuck's room. The phone rings and Nate is surprised to find Chuck on the other end, asking him to grab his cell phone from his bedroom because now isn't a good time for Blair to be snooping. After they hang up, it's revealed Chuck is at the hotel Elizabeth Fisher is staying at and that he paid off an employee for a key to her room. Back at The Empire, Serena enters Chuck's room and finds Blair in there reading a magazine. Serena asks if she's trying to prove a point, and Blair says that she was and she's glad she recently got the couch scotch guarded. Serena climbs onto the bed with her and asks what's going on. Blair admits she and Chuck aren't really connecting, both sexually and emotionally, and he isn't sharing anything with her. She tells Serena that he recently went through something traumatic and she just wants him to understand that he can always talk to her about whatever is wrong. At NYU, Dan meets a girl named Melissa, who offers him a pair of board shorts. He declines, and goes to Vanessa's room. He tells her he knows he screwed up, and he only meant he loved her as a friend. She says he doesn't have to explain himself, and he suggests they hang out to be normal. Vanessa explains the the dorm is throwing a beach themed party and she's going with Paul. Dan offers to come and bring the girl he's seeing, named Melissa. She skeptically agrees to hang out together and he leaves. On his way out, he asks a random passerby in the hall if she happens to know someone named Melissa. At Elizabeth's hotel, Chuck enters her room after seeing her leave and begins to go through her things. In her suitcase, he finds a small trinket wrapped in a napkin. 041b061a72

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