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Radionics Workstation Full Version Review: Is It Worth It?

as the hardware was being designed, basil smith, radionics product design engineer, and ed kelly, radionics product design engineer, were drawing up the software specification. both smith and kelly were trained as medical physicists and to this end, they were also familiar with other non-medical software programs. they were also experienced in the analysis of medical diagnostic equipment and, in particular, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and positron emission tomography. smith and kelly also had experience with signal processing and engineering. they were also very familiar with the principle of resonance, and used these principles in the writing of the software specification.

radionics workstation full version

the radionics computer was a very different machine from those that would ultimately emerge, but it bears some similarities to the personal computer that sinclair ultimately produced. in both cases, the machine is too small to operate easily, even for a seasoned user, and its operating system is complicated. you can press keys on its keyboard to perform functions, but pressing and releasing them is often not enough. you need to learn how to take advantage of some of the machine's more sophisticated capabilities, such as the real-time clocks that allow you to use the machine as a clock. you also need to take care to avoid damaging the machine. its electronics and circuits are not solid and cannot be relied on to give a consistently reliable or predictable performance. users need to be prepared to have to repair things themselves, and to do this they need to understand the machine, its design and its workings.

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