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Download Playing French Defence Sicilian Sidelin Pdf

The answer is not 'it depends' becouse black is not taking any initiative on the opening, it's just about replying white's initiative. And there is always a move that is the BEST move so I guess that I will gave to start playing the sicilian or the modern .

Download Playing French Defence Sicilian Sidelin pdf

I was playing the pirc recently, but for me I don't like it. I don't think I'm a strong enough player. I could have stuck with it and kept watching videos and reading books but I decided to switch to the french. I think good players can make it work and get good counterplay but I found for me I was conceeding too much space and it was easy to get steamrolled or for white to advance too far and I was getting in trouble defending tactics with not enough space or counterplay in return. So I think it's a playable opening but for not great players like me it's probably not the best choice 041b061a72

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