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[P3D V4] Blackbox Simulations Widebody V0.87.7 Vip Hack

How would you hack a large commercial jet and keep the plane from crashing? A hacker could shut down the entire airlines navigation system, stop all airports around the world from communicating with the plane, and blind pilots for miles.

[P3D v4] Blackbox Simulations Widebody v0.87.7 vip hack

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About two weeks ago, Salaamah Shubair, a former British Columbia high school math teacher, made national headlines after he pleaded guilty to charges stemming from hacking into websites operated by the federal government. His lawyer says the entrapment and cooperation he received from the FBI drove him to criminality, and the government says the program generated 17 arrests, including five that resulted in federal charges. In total, Shubair, 33, pleaded guilty to six counts of hacking, one count of attempted hacking and two counts of taking a computer to commit a crime.

If one hacker creates a fake timing signal, then sends it to other traffic signals along a route, it can throw the signals off. One hacker creates a fake signal and sends it to other signals on a route, it can cause those signals to go crazy - repeating messages, sending multiple copies of their message to other devices, responding to unasked for messages from systems they did not initiate - all the while traffic whizzes by without a signal to prevent the busy intersection from becoming chaotic. Upon reentry the new traffic signal in the city has not reset its time, and will send out conflicting messages to other devices on the network. This may cause the system to crash or stop responding.

Another common tactic is to flood the control system with spurious messages. For example, Hackers can flood the system with messages, such as messages of an out of control fake control system. These messages could be from another control system controlled by a different group of hackers. Such spurious messages could cause the control system to mistakenly interpret them as valid messages and shut down the traffic lights. Hackers could also flood the system with random messages, that could trigger the traffic light to change to an alternative state, potentially causing confusion at the site. This could result in a traffic accident.

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