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Alien 3 Special Edition (1992)

The Assembly Cut has several key plot elements that differ from the theatrical release. The alien gestates in an ox rather than a dog, and one of the inmates discovers a dead facehugger. Ripley's body washes up on the shore of the planet in the special edition instead of being found in the ship's wreckage as in the theatrical cut. Some scenes are extended to focus more on the religious views of the inmates. The inmates succeed in their attempt to trap the alien, but it is later released by the disturbed inmate Golic. In this version, the alien Queen does not burst from Ripley's chest as she falls into the furnace. There is also a scene in the prison's assembly hall where one of the inmates suggests to Dillon that they lead the creature to the furnace so that they can incinerate it in the fire. One notable scene that was not restored for the DVD or Blu-Ray extended versions was the full autopsy scene. Greg Cannom, who worked on the Special Make-Up Effects, said in the Alien Quadrilogy special features that, "I saw the rough cut of the film, uncut, and there were some scenes in there that were pretty gross. There was an autopsy scene on the girl [Newt] and I like certain gore in the films. I do it [professionally], and it made me sick. It really grossed me out and I remember people got up and left, walked out of the theatre and I was just thinking, 'This will never be in the film. They can't show this stuff.' It was just too much I thought. And when the film came out, it wasn't in the film."

Alien 3 Special Edition (1992)

The 2003 special edition of Alien 3 is not Fincher's pre-release work print. It's an actual assembly found. Containing footage not seen in the test screened pre-release work print. Which was bootlegged on VHS. Shockingly none of the trims from that version made it to home video as deleted material. 041b061a72

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