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Buy Plastic Clamshell Packaging

With over 200 stock clamshell packages, VisiPak leads the industry for quick, cost-effective clear clamshell packaging solutions. These lines require no tooling charges, no design fees and samples are readily available for testing.

buy plastic clamshell packaging

As part of the Sinclair & Rush family of companies, we have thermoforming operations centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri and on the west coast in Portland, Oregon. Our primary line of stock clamshell packaging is manufactured and warehoused in our St. Louis facility. The Indepak operation in Portland operates more as manufacturers of precision clamshell packaging and thermoformed trays.

Our clamshell packaging products help to both protect and promote your product. The Andex design staff has the experience and technology to craft your perfect custom or stock clamshell. You can count on Andex to listen to you and deliver solutions with excellence.

Andex is a reliable plastic clamshell packaging supplier, serving clients since our beginnings in 1961. We are your source for quality clamshell products. In addition, we are a G7 certified printer, which means that you can rely on us for absolute quality when you purchase clamshell products from us.

What makes Andex stand out from the competition? Here at our packaging company, our clamshell experts focus on quality. In fact, we have a Quality Management System (QMS) which uses the ISO Q9001:2000 platform. With attentiveness to quality, our customers can rest assured that we are here to not only meet, but exceed expectations.

Andex Industries was founded in 1961 in Escanaba, MI, and since then we have been providing clients solutions for not only clamshell products, but also thermoform trays and blisters. Our team is highly skilled with thermoforming technologies, with each one of us having at least 18 years of experience with our company. With so many years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that we know what we are doing! Our team is committed to reliability and responsiveness with every order.

Great for use in delis, markets, concession stands, and kiosks, these clear hinged clamshells will present your freshly made to-go lunches, snacks, and desserts in an attractive way. Due to their clear construction, customers get the full view of their product in this plastic clamshell packaging too. Durably built, yet disposable for easy cleanup, packaging food or leftovers for take-out has never been so convenient!

Clamshells are thermoformed with transparent plastic. They are box-shaped containers with a hinged lid and closures, which can be made re-closable or permanently sealed with theft deterrence. An insert card displays product information and graphics. SouthPack can configure custom clamshell packaging in many ways, enabling the package to hang or stand upright.

A clamshell package, as the name implies, is comprised of two joined pieces of packaging material, which completely surround the item or product. Such packaging is typically made of thermoformed plastic, and the edges can be sealed if airtight protection is needed. These packages can also be transparent, allowing people to easily view the item inside. Extremely versatile, clamshell solutions can even be reused if unsealed, reducing the environmental footprint. Various methods, like self-locking and friction fitting, may also be employed depending on the specific requirements at hand.

Plastic Ingenuity offers a variety of options in clamshell packaging. Our experienced designers can create the best clamshell package for your product. With our advanced thermoforming process, your clamshell package will be uniquely suited to brave transportation and handling, arriving on the shelf pristine and ready to be sold.

Compostable clamshells can now be an important part of your Eco-friendly take out program to replace styrofoam with a more environmentally safe option. Great food deserves a great container, and our clamshell packaging allows you or your customers to enjoy their food in a sturdy, eco-friendly container. Our clamshell containers are made from renewable materials and are compostable in a commercial compost facility, which may not be available in all areas. Clamshell packaging is made from wheat straw fiber, clear PLA, or sugarcane bagasse.

Clamshell packaging is a type of food packaging with an attached, hinged lid. These types of packaging are perfect for take-out or leftover foods. Often used by restaurants and food trucks, the sugarcane fiber clamshell container is the workhorse of the take out food industry.

Compostable plastic clamshell packaging is made from corn-based PLA. Fiber clamshell containers are made from wheat fiber or sugarcane bagasse. Clamshell containers are a sturdy and eco-friendly way to serve your patrons, guests, and family. All of our certified compostable clamshells meet the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) standards or ASTM 6400/6868.

Biodegradable clamshells are any clamshell packaging that is made of a material that can be degraded through biological action, such as through digestion by micro-organisms. Compostable clamshells are clamshells that are tested and certified to meet the requirements of ASTM D6400 and are certified by a third-party such as the Biodegradable Products Institute.

Cold foods can be used in any of the clamshell containers, including the clear PLA clamshells. Clear PLA clamshells can melt at 105 degrees so these are not designed for warm or hot foods. For hot food, we recommend a fiber clamshell container, such as the sugarcane bagasse clamshells. These can tolerate higher temperatures.

Good things come out of clams. Concealed within the protective covering is a pearl which has been tucked away for discovery. In much the same way that a clam in nature provides protection to the valuable pearl within, clamshell packaging protects the valuable manufactured goods within its packaging.

Clamshell packaging is a packaging container that is comprised of a one-piece container that has two halves conjoined together by a plastic hinge. Evocative of its namesake, clamshell packaging opens to reveal the contents within while swinging shut to protect the items from the travails of transportation and tampering.

Businesses are always trying to develop new ways to display their products to the public, and clamshell packaging offers a readily available showcase of the goods contained therein. Customers are able to view the product and know that the item is brand new, in great condition, and ready to operate as advertised.

Packaging is an integral part of your marketing efforts, and clamshell packaging is a great way to showcase your products for an eager buying public. Plastic clamshell packaging is a cost-effective way to obtain a customizable and durable packaging option that affords your customers a glimpse inside at the product that awaits their purchase.

In the years since its introduction, clamshell packaging has developed into one of the most popular plastic packaging options and one of the most secure as well. As anyone who has ever tried to gain egress into a clamshell protected package knows, this is a secure line of packaging.

This durable packaging option is an excellent way to ward against damage caused by improper storage, handling, or shipping conditions. If you are in the business of selling computer hardware, medical supplies, electronics, or other sensitive products, you can rest assured that this packaging is protecting your sensitive, high-value products.

To discover the advantages of what clamshell packaging can do for your marketing plan, contact the experts in innovative warehousing solutions at Clark Logistic Services. They specialize in all facets of the packaging, warehousing, and timely delivery of your products to the consumers that are relying on you. There is no need to incur the overhead costs associated with renting warehouse space when Clark Logistic Services has incredible warehousing solutions for your business today. Discover what their packaging options can do for your marketing efforts, and be as delighted by the results as if you have found a priceless pearl hidden inside a clam.

With world-class production tooling, our team of engineers designs custom plastic clamshell packaging for your product and seamlessly distributes the pristine cased retail into your supply chain. At Taylor Packaging, we carry over 100 stock-size clamshells for you to select from.

With VersaCLAM clamshell packaging, an insert or backer card is often used. This card has information about your product and can be seen through the packaging. It helps draw attention to your product on the store shelves.

A trifold clamshell is one-piece solution made up of a three-part design that includes a triangular base that allows the clamshell to stand upright on a shelf. They are designed so your retail clients have a variety of ways to merchandise your product by either hanging it on a peg wall, standing it on a shelf, or sitting it in a display.

Sara has been in the packaging industry for over 15 years, not only on the design and manufacturing side, but also as a packaging buyer. She has intimate knowledge of all facets and perspectives of the custom packaging industry.

Generally used when the product is heavy and unstable if packaged in a regular clamshell, the Tri-Fold Clamshell has two hinges that, when folded, create a wide triangular bottom. This provides a very solid and steady platform for even the most awkward and unbalanced products.

This is very similar to skin packaging except that the backing card is folded and glued to itself. The product is surrounded by a clear plastic film and sits in a die-cut (cutout) area in the paperboard card. The card is then folded in half and sealed onto itself, so the product is essentially sandwiched between the two cards halves. This allows for a complete view of the product while providing plenty of eye-catching marketing real estate on the paperboard card. This packaging is generally designed for the product to stand upright on store shelves or be hung using a standard die-cut hang hole. Or like in Costco stores for example, standing upright in grooves inside tray boxes. 041b061a72

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