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Ascend Personal Training offers you a 100% virtual training experience, giving you all the benefits of working with an elite trainer without the scheduling hassles. In your initial free consultation call we will discuss your goals, scheduling needs, equipment availability, past injuries, exercise likes and dislikes, and more. If you choose to sign up, you will gain access to my virtual training platform where you will receive your workouts and can communicate with me over the messaging service. I will check-in daily about how you're feeling, how the workouts are going, and provide points of focus to get the most out of your workouts. Your schedule can be re-arranged on a daily basis to best meet the needs of your busy life. 

After the consultation call, the first week of your training is a dedicated onboarding week where you are introduced to the Ascend training philosophy and complete the following:

- Readiness for exercise assessment

- Health history assessment

- Current and past injuries discussion

- Current exercise and physical activity habits discussion

- Movement pattern assessment

- Fitness assessment

- Release of liability waiver

In addition to giving me valuable information about your current strengths and weaknesses, the onboarding week is designed to familiarize you with the app and build the habit of completing your assigned tasks each day. Once the onboarding week has ended, your virtual training plan will begin. Your workouts will be emailed to you each day and you can access them via the app. Each workout contains instructions for completion or notes about the overall structure, videos demonstrating appropriate exercise form, and coaching tips from me to help you get the most out of each exercise. You can see your future workouts as far out as they're currently scheduled for (usually done a week at a time).

The nutrition coaching service follows the same protocol. In our initial video chat we'll discuss your goals, current eating habits, likes and dislikes, time constraints, and other lifestyle factors. You will gain access to the same virtual training platform and app, but instead of using it to schedule workouts, we will use it to provide healthy meal examples, information about different kinds of healthy foods, and build healthy habits through completion of daily, weekly, and monthly goals. The app can easily be integrated with My Fitness Pal to optimize ease of food logging and improve habit formation.

Please email me for additional details or click here to schedule your free consultation call today!


Virtual Exercise Coaching

Receive fully personalized virtual exercise programming and support for a monthly flat rate.


Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Receive fully personalized virtual nutrition coaching and support for a monthly flat rate.


Complete Virtual Fitness Coaching

Maximize your results by receiving combined fully personalized exercise programming, nutrition coaching, and support for a monthly flat rate.

Virtual Training: Pricing
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